Friday, December 5, 2008

Angrydoc attempts to rip-off a faggy series of books about emo-fag Vampires

In my version, a nerdy, fat geek falls in love with a beautiful, mysterious, emo-fag girl with giant boobs. This emo-fag booby girl also seems to like nerdy geek loserboy however impossible that may be in real life. After a series of cliche scenes cynically written to lure in the lonely geek virgin boyz crowd, booby emo-fag girl finally reveals to nerdy loser boy that she's a manananggal. They realize they're meant for each other and in the final book they finally get to have sex. However, in the final scene, as they get ready to "dooooo eeeet" they both realize that booby girl had left her lower half (with the IMPORTANT PARTS!) behind in the last battle.

Final quote from nerdy geek loserboy: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

I haven't read (and I don't plan to read) THAT series but fan-girls annoy the shit out of me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still no signs of intelligence from Team Brian morons.

I haven't been checking out or updating the blog lately since I haven't found anything to be angry about for the past few months. Angrydoc is out of the Rat hole clinic and while still not in residency is mildly hopeful about the future. I just came back from abroad and eventhough I suffered a terrible setback there, I, with the help of family and friends, was able to channel my emotions away from the Anger into the more manageable depressed state that I'm currently in.


Anyway, something I wrote long ago about some idiot, racist faggot was read by one of his pathetic, loser fans. He/she/it sent me a nice message as a comment to one of my despairing blog entries. I published the comment and I'm also going to show it to you, loyal readers , as an early Christmas gift.

Anonymous: "Sorry mate but Brian's blog is still up and you're still a miserable twat of a doctor.

Go study nursing you pathetic piece of shit."

Aaaaw. Soooo cute! It's a hate-filled, logic-depleted, typical comment from that fag's blog. Excuse me asshole, I'm not a miserable twat of a doctor. I'm a great doctor! What I am is a miserable twat of a human being. And being a miserable twat of a human being, your comment makes me judge you all the more and I am even more convinced that ALL Team B members are moron-level idiots.

Aaaaaaaargh, the stupidity of these people just gave me a headache.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm on the verge of just giving up.

I give up. I did everything and I still ended up with nothing. Am I one of those people? The possibility now looms large and it's scaring me to death. I've experienced this before and it doesn't get any better each time. Lord, please help me because I just want to roll over and die.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Why the hell can't I be happy?!

My life is pretty good but why can't I get what I really want?!

Monday, June 9, 2008


You know what's shit? That iridology crap that fucking Osaka Health Clinic is pushing. I've never heard a more ridiculous pile of crap than their claim that all diseases can be diagnosed just by looking at the iris. Aside from diabetes and hypertension, and some metabolic derangements such as Wilson's disease I'm currently unaware of any other illness that can be diagnosed by looking at the eye, and most of the time, we look at the retina, not the iris.

A few days ago, at the rat-hole clinic, I saw a patient who was worried about an abdominal mass. Her history was unremarkable except for a suspicion of a myoma on ultrasound long ago. No myoma was seen on a later consult at a hospital. Physical exam was normal and I did not detect any abdominal mass. I asked her why she was worried about a mass and she said that she had been to that iridology place and had been told may tumutubong bukol (a mass is growing inside me.)

At first, I was impressed since the idiot iridologist (iridiotlogist?) had seemed to have made a correct guess. I asked the patient if the iridiotlogist had told her where the "bukol" (mass) was. Basta, meron daw sabi nila.

What the hell?!

What use is iridiotlogy if it can't even tell you what you may have? Oh, mahina baga mo, mahina atay mo, mahina puso mo, etc. They will tell you that bullshit but any nurse, doctor, or even medical student can tell you what you're really at risk for just by talking to you and getting your history and doing a correct physical exam. No need for more bullshit about looking at your iris and shit.

I reassured the patient and sent her home but I scheduled her for an ultrasound and an appointment with the gynecologist just to be sure. Man, I hate those fuckers at the iridiotlogy clinic for giving my patient undeserved anxiety.

Fuck them.

Friday, May 30, 2008

An appeal to America.

I stumbled upon these pictures today and it evoked a strong sense of sadness and rage in me.

Here's the link:

America, please impeach Bush. He is a criminal.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

(Med) Certifiably bullshit.

A medical certificate is a piece of paper that states that you were seen by a doctor and that either: A.) you're fit to work or go to school or B.) stay home, you sick little shit. I usually have no problems with patients asking me for one because I see it as part of the service I give to them. However, the rat-hole place (THE CLINIC) has other ideas. I was told during my first few days at the place that I should have the patient go to the front desk whenever I issue a medical certificate. Apparently, they charge the patient an extra fee for the medical certificate. None of the extra fee goes to me, the guy whose name and license number are stamped on the fucking thing.

Angrydoc, the rat hole pays for the printing of the forms, you might say. Yes, but how much does a piece of paper cost if they have it printed by the ream? Less than a peso per piece I'm sure! The rat hole charges much, much more than that. Di na yata tama yan ano. Yes, part of my pagka-asar is the fact that we get nothing for it, even though it's our name and our license on the paper. The thing I object to mainly is that the clinic will attempt to squeeze more money out of the patient.


As a rebellion against this shit situation, whenever I can get away with it, I give the damn things away for free. I ask the patient to step into the examination room and then give them the certificate. I tell them to hide it. Sometimes, I just write the certificate on the prescription pad, so that the patient can have an easier time hiding it.

What if the clinic decides to share some of the fee with us, you ask? Hahaha! Don't be funny. They'd never do that.

The owner would have a heart attack.